LATESTWe're Back

Hello hairy fuckers. 2013 was a massive year for MAMMOTH MAMMOTH. Our European Hell's Likely tour saw us rip through UK, Belgium, Netherlands and our new second home Germany. There was beer. There was bourbon. And there were bruises. Thanks again to all you loyal and loose MAMMOTH fans who came out to get hammered with us.

We are now back in the Black Spur forest in Australia starting work on our next album, Volume IV.

Stay tuned,


OCT 2013European Tour 2013 Teaser

SEP 30New Video - Sittin' Pretty

Here it is folks, our latest video: Sittin' Pretty


AT LAST! New MAMMOTH MAMMOTH tees available from NAPALM right fuckin' now!
These will also be available at shows on our Euro tour commencing NOV 8.

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MAY 24European Tour Announced with The Quill

*** :MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Press Release: ***

More than 200 years ago, four men were transported from Europe and sentenced to life imprisonment on the harsh penal colony of Australia - their only crime, killing unicorns to feed their families. On that day, each swore an oath of revenge upon the continent that had forsaken them and the creatures that had condemned them.

Now, the seed of this foul prophecy has finally born its bloody fruit. The four sole descendants of these men - Mammoth Mammoth have finally escaped Australia and will be joining forces with Swedish metal barbarians, The Quill, to rain down thunderous riffs across Europe and unleash a crushing wave of brutal murder-fuzz aimed at decimating every last living unicorn.

So this November, grab your shank, warn your dealer and keep your lawyer on speed dial, because Hell's Likely.

Tour dates, locations and tickets.